Why is this blog called ‘Twin Oaks Tavern, Penngrove?

It’s quite simply because the Twin Oaks Tavern was a really important part of my growing up in Penngrove, California. The Twin Oaks Tavern originally opened in 1924 as a road house tavern and gas station catering to those traveling the main thoroughfare now known as Old Redwood Highway. Previous to that time the land had originally been occupied by the Miwok Indians and later was that of General Vallejo. Around the time the Twin Oaks opened it’s doors, Penngrove was known as the original Egg Capital of the World but it eventually lost that title to it’s neighboring city Petaluma. ​The title it did retain was home of the Best Tavern north of San Francisco!

Under new management as of October 24th, 2013, The Twin Oaks features a full service bar and great food with a friendly atmosphere. Lunch is served 11:00-2:00pm Monday through Saturday and coming soon we will be featuring down home BBQ on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner. Live music is our passion as well as fun and games so stay tuned for what is soon to come.

​They describe the tavern as  a Honky Tonk Juke Joint and their pledge is to keep the Twin Oaks Tavern what it has been for almost 100 years: A place you know you will find friends, laughter, and a damn good time.

Here’s a funny story: Vivian Kehl held a number of jobs at various local businesses, most of them long gone but whose names remind us of Petaluma’s small town roots. When she was 12 years old she took her first job working at Twin Oaks, a small grocery store and gas station located where a tavern by that name is now located and belonging to family friends Vernon and Frances Hoar. According to Vivian, the establishment also sold Mrs. Hoar’s very good home-brewed beer that, despite Prohibition, was widely popular with local customers. She still laughs at the many times people would come in and ask her, “Are you one of the Hoar’s?”