As much as I love Penngrove and California, sometimes you just have to get away. Last summer I rented a motorhome in the UK from and explored the UK. More specifically I went to Scotland, England and Wales. OK the weather in the UK is not like California, you can expect rainy days in the middle of summer and some gray skies, but really most of the time it was good for me. On the more sunny days we made full use of all the outdoor furniture that came with the motorhome. Rather than cheap plastic tables and chairs, there was decent quality items that were selected from Furniture Heaven. Very cool indeed.

For most people, choosing to travel doesn’t take much convincing, but figuring out where you’ll visit is a little harder.  The UK offers so much to its visitors, providing choices for every kind of adventure and all types of travelers.  Regardless of where you find yourself in your life, the UK is sure to have something that fits exactly what you’re looking for.  If you aren’t yet convinced, here are some reasons why you should choose the UK for your next travel destination:

  1. England’s Lake District – A product of glaciers, the Lake District promises relaxation and beauty to all who visit.  The area contains over fifty lakes and several mountains, including the tallest mountain in England.  This is a spot that is great for groups that want a healthy mix of adventure and relaxation, as well as a huge variety of sightseeing.
  2. Great Cities – There are too many to list individually, but the great part of visiting the UK is having a choice of incredible cities to visit wherever you are.  History and nightlife come alive in these cities.  They also provide visitors with great opportunities to go shopping, sight-see, share great meals and settle down for a drink.  Favorite cities that boast an impressive amount of history include Edinburgh for fans of Scottish sights, and Liverpool and Manchester for those who love music (especially bands like the Beatles, Coldplay and the Sex Pistols).
  3. British Royals – Who doesn’t love some great gossip from across the pond?  Check out a huge selection of museums, castles, and tours that deal with every piece of royal history you could want.  Visit Buckingham Palace and see if the Queen’s flag is flying (meaning she’s in residence) or take a picture with a beefeater.  If you’re obsessed with current royal drama, or simple find yourself loving the tales of past monarch moments, you’ll certainly have plenty to choose from.
  4. Cardiff, Wales – Cardiff is vastly underrated, and deserves to get a shout out for all the amazing things it has to offer.  Along with many places mentioned, Cardiff sports its own long list of historical sights and places to visit, as well as great options for food, drink, and shopping.  Doctor Who and Torchwood fans are especially in for a treat when visiting Cardiff since there are a few options for Doctor Who and Torchwood tours visitors can take through the city.
  5. Stonehenge – One of the most impressive and popular sights on this planet, Stonehenge is still shrouded in enough mystery to delight any traveler.  Though the area is roped off for the protection of the stone structure, visitors can get pretty close and take photos of the stone circle.  Many people believe that the ruins still hold a great deal of mystical energy, and that coming to visit the stones can heal people of certain ailments.
  6. Castles – There’s no place quite like the UK when it comes to castle hopping.  With a rich history, castle lovers will have a chance to mark some big spots off their castle bucket list when visiting the UK.  For starters, Windsor Castle is a very popular spot to visit and catch a tour—there’s so much rich history just within the castle walls; there’s no end to what you will find just inside these stone structures.
  7. Roman Ruins – It’s easy to forget the part the Romans played in the history of the UK, but signs of the Great Roman Empire can be found across the countries.  Some very popular spots include Hadrian’s Wall, which still stands, and the city of Bath.  The latter features Roman-era baths, along with beautiful statues and incredible architecture.  Part museum and part natural science discovery, this ranks among the top of the list of things not to be missed.
  8. British Pubs – There’s nothing quite like getting a drink at a British pub.  Stop by a local drinking hole to grab a pint with your friends, or to watch a soccer match.  The atmosphere is unique and unbeatable, and as soon as you go once, you’ll find yourself wanting to go back time and time again.  Ask for a favorite nearby spot and spend some time getting to know the locals while you enjoy a delicious brew.
  9. Wimbledon – Sports fans won’t want to miss the most important tennis match of the year!  If you love tennis, planning a trip around this fantastic event would be a blast.  Take time to visit, enjoy the matches, and see the place where sports stars come to compete.  Of course, you can visit Wimbledon when the tournament isn’t happening to see all that this momentous event has accomplished over the years.
  10. Delicious Food – The UK tends to get a bad rap for having pretty terrible food.  With countries like Italy and Spain so close by, not many would peg the UK as a spot to go if you’re looking for something delicious to eat.  Though you won’t find paellas or handmade pasta at every corner, there are several great places to indulge in both fine cuisine, as well as more traditional meals such as shepherd’s pie or haggis.  Of course, no trip to the UK would be complete without grabbing a freshly made fish and chips or curry and rice.
  11. Gretna Green, Scotland – Scotland is known for being green, lush, and beautiful, but it also hosts several quirky and wonderful historical sites.  One of those sites is Gretna Green, where thousands of couples traveled to elope.  Enjoy the museum, listen to the tour, or try on costumes of the time for a fun photo opportunity.  The trip there is sure to impress as well—Scotland doesn’t mess around when it comes to its natural beauty.
  12. Harry Potter Everything – There are so many things you can see in the UK that have to do with Harry Potter.  The best thing to catch is a Harry Potter tour through all the prime locations.  There are lots of options for what kind of tour you can take, but most tours will include all the major spots important and central to the beloved book series.
  13. The Natural Sights – Glens, moors, mountains, and fields—the UK has it all–hiking, swimming, sun bathing.  There’s no end to the magic and vivid color that the UK will show off during your time there.  You’ll see green like you never have before, and smell the earth beneath your feet.  Nature lovers will find themselves completely enraptured with what is around them.  Take time to move around too, don’t just settle for one type of scene.  Enjoy the shore as well as the lakes and rivers, find yourself surrounded by sheep, or nuzzled in a forest.  You’ll love reconnecting with nature in ways you never imagined.