Dear Friends, we have come to the end of our stand at the Twin Oaks helm and it’s time to say goodbye this Saturday with a big going away bash.  The fun starts at 3:00pm with Hot Grubb and rolls into the night with Stax City.   There will be snacks while they last, great music and good folks.  We hope you can join us!

It has been an amazing couple of years as we have watched the Twin Oaks grow from a quiet tavern to a thriving musical establishment.  Our mission statement when we first took over was this:

…  Our goal is to be a destination that feels like home, where anyone and everyone can come in, feel welcome and where all will have a good time. 

…Through music, we will bring people together.  We seek laughter, creative expression, good conversation and good natured people that come together to have a memorable experience…

Thanks to all of you, we made good on our mission!  The support and gratitude you have provided has meant the world to us.  You all, both bands and patrons alike, are the reason we made it this far.  We have been blown away by the amazing musical community we have in this county.  Very talented people that all genuinely care about each other.  We have been touched to the core and feel really privileged to be a part of it. 

Now, on to the next chapter in our story.  Who will be taking over the Twin Oaks?  We are very excited to say that it is Dean Biersch of HopMonk Tavern.  Dean is a great guy who has a big  love for music, beer and food.  We felt he was the perfect choice for us as he will take the Twin Oaks Tavern to the next level.  He plans on keeping the Twin Oaks name and while the look and feel will remain the same, he has some awesome plans for remodeling.  Dean is going to continue with the live music format and Sheila will stay on to help book the music.  The transition happens on February 1st and remodeling will take place during that month.  The plan is to reopen in early March with a kick off party featuring Soul Section on Saturday March 5th.

A very big thank you to all of you, it has been a fantastic two and a half years.  It will be exciting to see the tavern continue to grow and thrive knowing that we all have been a part of it's rebirth.